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In addition to a Cattery for rescued and adoptable cats, Living Love Animal Rescue also has a Cat Sanctuary House for cats who will live their lives at the Rescue.

The Cat Sanctuary House is a bricked in 2-bedroom mobile home. The Sanctuary cats have full roam of the house plus a screened porch and grassed-in area that they can access 24/7. 

The number of cats living in the Cat Sanctuary House is 15 at this time. The cats’ ages range from 2  to 18 years. Some of the cats have lived in the sanctuary for the total 3 years the Cat Sanctuary has existed; some for less. 

All cats in the Sanctuary have been spayed or neutered. They receive vaccines yearly and receive medical and veterinarian care, if needed. Cats considered for the Sanctuary must be un-adoptable for physical, emotional or health reasons. 

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Your donation goes directly to help. You can sponsor a catin honor of someone, which makes a great gift for a loved one. Sponsor a cat for $30 a month or $360 a year. If you have a specific cat you’d like to sponsor, you can select their name after you click “Sponsor.”


Adopt in place at the Living Love Sanctuary and support their monthly care.