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Adoption is Forever, But…

Fostering is just a little while.
Living Love foster care volunteers provide temporary care for puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats. Our foster animals are those who may need extra love, attention, training, or time. We are always looking for foster families to save more animals’ lives. Adopting a homeless pet is terrific and provides a home to that one pet; but our fosters are special because they save the lives of many pets!

The Benefits of Fostering

There are so many benefits to opening your home to foster a dog or cat, but just to name a few:

Have an animal companion without the lifetime commitment.

Help an animal recover from an illness/injury, with medical care covered by LLARS

Give extra TLC to puppies and kittens too young to be adopted.

Foster homes help animals transition from the stress of living at the shelter.

Animals Typically Fostered

There are many benefits to animals fortunate enough to find foster care. Opening your home, for 3 weeks or 3 months helps:

Orphaned or newborn animals benefit greatly from the 1-on-1 attention received in foster care. These animals are typically four weeks or more and can eat on their own. They generally need someone to look after them until they can be placed up for adoption when they reach required weights and the minimum age of eight weeks.

The animals stays accustomed to life in a home, setting them up for success when they get adopted.

How do I get started?

Thank you for your interest in helping Living Love by fostering a shelter dog or cat. We are grateful to have received an outpouring of support from existing foster volunteers and candidates to help us with the animals in our shelter. At this time we are in need of foster parents for nursing kittens. We will update this page as our needs change, so please check for new foster opportunities. If you would like to sign up to foster or to be notified of future foster volunteer opportunities, please fill out our application below.