The First 4 Things To Do If Your Indoor-Only Cat Gets Out

Your chances of finding your lost cat are best if you act fast and don’t give up. The Community Cat Coalition provided this guide; we love CCC.

  1. How did they get out? Leave that door or window open for them to return in. If the exit point is high outside, move a cat tree or chair in front of it to help their return. Contain other pets in rooms or crates.
  2. Do an extensive search of your house and yard while calmly calling their name and shaking a bag of food or treats they love. 
  3. Set humane (live) traps in the area close to the exit point. Reach out on Next Door and Facebook to find someone to loan this and communicate your cat is missing.
  4. Make flyers and talk to all of your neighbors. Remember that many people are not on Next Door or Facebook and be prepared to ring some doorbells.

Refer also to this post’s graphic for some additional guidance.