Barn cats are cool!

They depend on us for their care and sustenance, yet live in freedom, freely running, playing and mostly sleeping about on our properties.

Barn cats are on a mission!
Carefully and skillfully they stalk the perimeter of our domiciles, searching out intruders of the creepy and crawly types, protecting us from the dangers these might bring.  It’s an important job.

Living Love’s barn cats have one additional plus: They are often purry, cuddly, sweet, and loving.

No one would guess they are the “special forces” of the home.


Adopting a barn cat is a win-win for cats and adopters! Cats have a safe outdoor home and adopters have healthy, sterilized cats to tend to their mouse, snake or vermin problems. These cats are working members of the family, keeping you property free from rodents.




All barn cats are fully vetted, including being spayed or neutered, before they are available for the barn cat program. We ask a $25 donation for adoption of a barn cat.

Individuals interested in adopting barn cats must be able to provide the cats with shelter, food, water and vet care. Barns, outbuildings, factories and warehouses are all considered suitable shelters for the cats.

We have lots of barn cats available. Photos of a few of them are below. You can come and choose, or we can select the lucky kitties for you. To meet them, call or text 210-827-2380.