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A dog with his emotional state, takes a lot of time and patience. It’s a lot of work, but the end result is so rewarding. Rusty is making small steps that for him are huge!

He has done what all fearful I have had in the past have done. Attached himself to Charlie. He watches Charlie and studies everything we do with him. Follows charlie from room to room to room.

I no longer have to carry him in and out of the house. He is walking in and out on his own. Yay!  He loves playing outside with Charlie and loves sunbathing on the picnic table. He has begun playing with toys and loves playing keep away lol

He has been sleeping in my room as Charlie sleeps in my bed. I’ve put him on the bed also a few times to let him know he is allowed, but he usually gets down and never gets up on his own. That is till last night. I woke up to something wet on my face and it was rusty licking my nose!!!!

He also brought me his wet slobbery toy lol. He has began trying to mimic Charlie by rolling and rubbing his head into the bed to signal he wants love. He is actually laying right next to me as I type this. Got into the bed again on his own!  The most amazing part is Charlie isn’t in the bed nor was he last night. (Charlie has been sleeping with Nathan on the couch as Nathan injured his arm a little)

He is still very timid when we are standing. But comes slowly and cautiously when we are sitting or laying. This is huge!  He watches the boys with curiosity instead of fear when they are playing and being boys. That’s amazing. He has already seemed to learn by studying our interactions with Charlie that we will not hurt him.  Charlie also seems to ensure him we are good as he will come over and kiss us then go to rusty and kiss him.

These are just little steps to us.  But I can ensure you for a dog like rusty, these are huge and amazing accomplishments. Most do not make these steps for at least a month. He has in a week!  We will be giving him another week with us and Charlie alone, then this weekend we will introduce skipper and jack into the home also. These babies are gonna be happy puppies in no time!

I always am amazed to watch my fearful go from a Rusty to a Charlie. I am so excited to help these three become the Charlie they have always deserved to be. Happy and loved.

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