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The plus ten puppies have arrived at  Living Love Animal Rescue and the
happy sound of puppy laughter rings gaily throughout the shelter.

What are the Plus Ten puppies?

Shelter manager Rosalie Brosh explains.
“A few days ago, a desperate woman  not far from Horseshoe Bay called me. In
tears, she explained that her beloved female dog had given birth to 14
puppies and she had no idea what to do and could not  afford to care for
them. No rescues would help her as all were full.I asked her what would
happen to them and she said she did not know. It was clear they were in
serious jeopardy.”

According to Brosh, she and fellow volunteer Kelley Whited agreed to take
two of the pups and have the mom spayed. They drove to the location where
they discovered the woman,living in desperately poor conditions, completely
overwhelmed  by the situation. The puppies were living under the house.
There were actually 12, but one had gone missing and her son had decided to
keep one. Two had already found homes.

“We asked to see the pups and the lady brought out a pan of food to draw
them out and out they came, covered in fleas and sores, and terribly
frightened. There were ten, and it was clear that there was no hope
whatsoever for these poor babies”, Brosh said.

Brosh continued, ” Kelley and I looked at eachother We saw the hopelessness
of the situation. If we only take two, what would happen to the others?”
Pictures of the suffering that lay ahead for the ones left behind raced
through their minds.

At that time, intake at the shelter was closed so taking even two would
create a strain on the space, resources, and volunteer time. But 10! It was
out of the question-or so they thought.

“There are just times when you do what does not make sense”, Brosh said.
“All we knew was that somehow, it was up to us..”

Brosh and Whited silently loaded the squealing pups into two crates they had
brought and drove away. They would deal with the logistics later.

Living Love Animal Rescue is a local no-kill, all volunteer shelter whose
mission it is to  ease the suffering of homeless dogs and cats in the
Highland Lakes area, to adopt them to good forever homes, and to help solve
the problem of unwanted animals.

“An important part of our mission is to decrease the number of homeless
animals through aggressive adoption and spay/neuter efforts”, said Claire
Edwards, President of Living Love Animal Rescue.”There is a huge problem in
almost all areas and it is a problem of which most people are unaware.”, she

“The suffering borne by  homeless animals is only part of the problem.
Homeless, unneutered animals can proliferate at enormous rates,  causing  en
endless loop of suffering for the animals as well as the community.” she

“It is a community problem that should be addressed by the community,
through education and through donations to facilities like ours who face the
situation head on.” Edwards stated.
“I’m being direct here. We depend on the community to help us with financial
as well as volunteer support so that we can complete our mission. Plese help

“These ten puppies, blessed as we are to have saved them from the ravages of
a life in the wild, will put a  strain on our resources. I am asking that
the members of our community step forward to whatever degree they can, and
donate to the care of these beautiful babies.  The puppies are clean, well
fed, and happy  now.They are being vaccinated and will be spayed or neutered
before going to their forever homes. It is an expensive proposition and I
ask that everyone take part in this wonderful lifesaving project by donating
to the Plus Ten Puppies fund.”
Edwards  continued” All donations can be sent to Living Love Animal Rescue,
Plus Ten Puppies Fund,  P.O. Box 1266, Marble Falls, TX 78654.

“Rosalie and I stood at the kennel where the puppies are living temporarily
and smiled, watching them play. They had eaten and were full of joy at just
being alive. I wished that for all animals in our community”, Edwards  said