Miss Priss is going home!

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She had been  a resident of Living Love for many months. Sweet, curious,
soft and all the ideal kitty should be. Yet she had to remain inside for her
own safety as she had been declawed by her previous owner. A volunteer
favorite, her adoption seemed  never to come. So she waited and waited.

But Wait… Who is that coming into the cattery? Could it be? Could it
really be? The perfect family with a little boy looking for a beautiful,
gentle adult kitty! Wait. They are picking her up. Yes, she is being oh so
sweet. Each member of the family is feeling her soft fur and cuddling up to
her.And yes, she is responding with purrs and snuggles. They are smiling ,
completely taken with her. But would they adopt this little lady.

YES! Oh Yes! They are putting her into a cat carrier. Miss Priss is going

Oh happy day! The volunteers feel tears of joy rolling down their faces.
They will miss her but all are glad and grateful for the loving family who
came and saw and adopted.

Have a happy life, sweet one!