It was a sad life for Buttercup before coming to Living Love Animal Rescue’s no-kill  shelter.

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After discovering that she was pregnant, her owners dumped her by the side of the road. Animal control picked her up.  The city facility is not capable of dealing with pregnant animals so they were about to euthanize Buttercup and her unborn pups. One of Living Love’s devoted volunteers heard about her an brought her up to the shelter.Two weeks later, the sweet German Shepard mix gave birth to 6 beautiful, healthy puppies.Christian Sanchez, dog manager of the shelter, sat with Buttercup during the long night and helped birth the babies.Mom and her new family are doing fine. Both Buttercup and the pups will be available for adoption in about 8 weeks.
“It ws a long night but Buttercup and I brought 6 new healthy pups into the world today. She is a happy momma and I am a happy grandpuppa”, Christian said.