Flying Miss Daisy

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My name is Daisy and I am blind.
Those are the two things people always know about me. But I am also sweet, loving and ever so lucky. Yes, very fortunate.

Here’s my story…

I was a shelter pup at Living Love Animal Rescue in Texas. All the volunteers loved me and cared for me in special ways, mostly because I could not see. Everyone thought I would spent the rest of my life there. It is hard for blind Rottweiler’s to get adopted, they say.

That wouldn’t have been so bad because I loved Living Love. I had the best food and lots of love and room to run around and toys and everything. Of course, being blind, I could not run too far.

Then one day, all the volunteers got really excited and began to do special things to me, teaching me how to be in a large kennel and all. I even went to the spa for a really nice bath and to have my nails done and everything. Something was definitely going to happen.

After a day or so, I went into my kennel and got to ride a long way to the airport and flew away. When I landed, there was the nicest man named Aaron there to get me. He let me out of the kennel and let me ride in his big car. I learned later that I was now in Florida.

I love Florida. It has lots of water where I get to play and swim. They say I am a beach babe. That must be good, because they smile when they say it.

Aaron’s nice wife Nicole and my brother Repo all loved me right away. They gave me the best gift of all. My very own forever home.

Thank you Living Love and Aaron and Nicole and Ren, and everyone. I am a happy girl.

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Quote about what Daisy has brought to our lives & how Living Love made it possible:

Miss. Daisy is a sweet & smart girl.  She has taught us so much thru her being blind.  She gets around great, at times better than those who can see!  She is led by her other senses, teaching us that even without sight, she is more in tune with her surroundings than most.  Daisy can teach us all more about enjoying life, even if we’ve lost the ability to see it with our eyes.  She still enjoys life, just in a different way than the norm.  Please do not be afraid to adopt a special needs &/or a senior dog, like Miss. Daisy.  She is not our first senior & special needs rescue & she will not be our last either.  They have so much love to give!  It’s truly awe-inspiring.  Thank you Living Love for rescuing such a wonderful soul, by giving Daisy & our family this opportunity.  Thank you Living Love for also bringing her into our lives to make this a reality by…’Flying Miss. Daisy’ across country, to Florida for the winter & then finally her homecoming to Minnesota, where her new dad was…’Driving Miss. Daisy’, to her fur-ever home.  We just love this little girl!!!

Quote about Daisy & Repo & their lives together:

We’re Miss Daisy & Repo-man & we’re two peas in a pod.  While I might be the smallest (Daisy) & I might be the biggest (Repo) Rottweiler’s our mom & dad have rescued, we are the best of friends!  Even though I’m (Daisy) blind, I still play with my BFF (Repo).  It might not be the way everyone is used to, but it’s our way of playing & it’s fun.  We love each other very much!!!