The Chihuahua mamma wandered through the streets, along with her little friend, hungry and afraid and separated from the puppies she had just given birth to.

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The Living Love board member who saw them picked them both up and,after asking around the neighborhood for the owner, took them to the Living Love shelter.

It was clear that she had recently given birth, but where were the puppies,and how were they faring in the absence of their mom? Everyone at Living Love was concerned and worried, but all they could do was prepare a nice warm bed for her and her little schnauzer friend in the Property manager’s spare bedroom.

Move ahead one night to the next day when Living Love was having an adoption event at a local Verizon store. Adoptions were slow that day so one of the volunteers went to the Walmart next door with a sign advertising the puppies for adoption. A young couple came up and asked if we take in puppies.”Of course”, the volunteer replied. The woman was starting to cry  as her husband explained that they had five nursing Chihuahua puppies but that the mother had been stolen, along with their other little dog. They did not know how to care for the foundling puppies, and were desperate to find someone who could care for them in the absence of their mother.The mind of the volunteer raced! Could this be the  miracle they had been looking for?

Two hours later, at the shelter, the couple was reunited with their two dogs. Shortly thereafter, the Chihuahua mamma was reunited with her five babies.No one knew how they got out of the house, but that didn’t  matter anymore.At this writing all are doing fine.

Yes, miracles still happen! If you doubt it, come to Living Love.