Chico graduates!

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A special thanks to Claire, who fosters and trains Chico! She writes…

“I had him at in the last 4 weeks of my beginner Basics class with my husband for dog training and he passed his little certification exam. Now he has a tiny doggy diploma saying he can do sit, down, name recall, really real relaxation, foundations for loose leash walking and foundations for Sit Stay. Honestly he was better than some of the other participants who had been in class for 9 weeks haha. Outside of class we work on Place, door rules and polite greetings. He is a fantastic dog. We had Thanksgiving at my husband’s families house and Chico did very well with all of the travel Arrangements required for that.┬áToday I trimmed Chico nails and he was a perfect gentleman.

I would note in his file for potential adopters that he is quite the escape artist. The few times he managed to get out of mine I was in the yard with him because I never leave dogs alone in the yard. And since we worked on his recall he came back immediately and then I rectified the fence situation that I wasn’t even aware it was a problem :-). Chico has certainly fortified my perimeter.”