Abby left today for her forever home

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Family friends of mine that have nice property for her to run and grow. They had adopted a daughter, who of course wanted a puppy she has never had. They came across Abby, and the daughter knew immediately she wanted her. She said, “I was in need of a home and was adopted. I saw Abby and knew I wanted to also give a puppy the happy ending I got. We are now both adopted by a family that will love us forever.”

I will greatly miss my baby. The family asked how I do what I do. There will always be another Abby. When they leave, there will be another. It will continue. I cry everytime as a piece of my heart leaves with them. I take comfort knowing that it is replaced with a piece of theirs. When I die, my heart will have been replaced with pieces of the dogs I saved hearts. Therefore I will die with a dogs heart and there is nothing more comforting or rewarding than that.

Happy gotchya day Abby!  Live happy and loved.